Berlin: Jozo Bogdan elected for Entrepreneur of the Year

A reward for the Owner of factory from Siroki Brijeg for aluminium processing was handed by President of the Berlin Chamber of Industry, Mr. Eric Schweitzer.

The Berlin Chamber of Industry and Commerce has chosen the director and owner of the factory for processing of aluminium, Feal from Siroki Brijeg, Mr. Jozo Bogdan as entrepreneur of the year.
The award was presented to Bogdan by President of the Chamber Mr. Eric Schweitzer at a ceremony in Berlin.

"You have achieved a great success. To establish a factory which in a very short time employed 500 people, is an outstanding success. This is also a great success for Germany," Schweitzer said, adding that both Bosnia and Herzegovina and Germany needs such entrepreneurs.
Owner of FEAL Mr. Jozo Bogdan said , this reward are award of all employees of Feal.

"This award is a credit to all the people from Feal, not only mine," said Bogdan, inviting Schweitzera to visit Bosnia and Herzegovina and factory Feal.
Ceremony in Berlin attended also Mr. Josip Juratovic, member of the German Federal Parliament.