FEAL advancment of managment Through the GREEN & LEAN principles

On February the 1st 2014, Feal Siroki Brijeg held a final lecture of Green & Lean concept of manufacturing in the company's premises.

After months of continuous work, 30 employees of the company successfully acquired professional knowledge in Green & Lean concepts of manufacturing.

Green & Lean concept methodology is centered on continuous improvement of business processes, delivery of a specific product or service and target customer value at minimum cost. It has been a long foundation of a successful business for many global companies such as Toyota, Boeing, General Electric, Intesa Sanpaolo, Nestle etc. In the past few years with this practice as Green & Lean pioneers in Croatia, companies such as Novi Feromont and Končar have also implemented the methodology.

Following the demanding trends of the European and world markets in which the company Feal Siroki Brijeg has been presented for many years, and with the continuous effort to improve in all aspects of production and management, we are proud being the first in Bosnia and Herzegovina to introduce the concept of production management. We are also among the first companies in the region of developing products and services that aim to create a specific and targeted value to the customer, goods or service.

The Feal team, composed of 30 employees has been working hard for months adopting knowledge which was transferred to them by renowned experts of Lean management initiatives: dr. Nedeljko Štefanić from FSB, Zagreb, prof. dr. Ivica Veža,dr.sc. Nikola Gjeldum mag. eng. Marko Mladineo (all from FESB, Split), doc. dr.sc. Zeljko Stojkić (from FSR, Mostar)   in order that the team could transfer their knowledge in the near future to other employees in the company so that Feal Green & Lean concept of manufacturing could come to life in all aspects of the company.

This concept of management with its tools has a goal to increase and improve all processes and simplify and eliminate loss, both productive and administrative, with less human effort, less space, capital and time in order to have satisfied and motivated employees therefore a successful company.

We are aware that the tasks and goals that we have set will not be easy to overcome however whenever we have introduced new standards and trends in our business we never doubted the complete commitment of all Feal employees. Thus we believe that the Green & Lean concept of manufacturing will come to life to its maximum. That is the common attitude of the FEAL Management.

For the acquired knowledge, effort and time each of the 30 participants received recognition of competency (in form of certificate) for further implementation to spread their knowledge to other employees of FEAL Siroki Brijeg.