FEAL d.o.o accomplished the sanation of 1630 tons press

31.07.2006. in FEAL factory in Široki Brijeg, was put into operation press 1630 ton

This is the second press, which began operations in the company FEAL Široki Brijeg and the third will be released later this year at a new plant under construction, FE-AL Mostar

The maintenance repairment was performed on the press, it was completely modernized with a high level of automatization. The new equipment has been purchased, i.e. the new stove for the rods with guillotine, the new recipient, the double flexible tools nest.

With the new equipment the idle time has been reduced from 45 seconds to 20 seconds. The new production equipment reduces the technological waste from 25% to 17%.

The annual capacity of FEAL company Široki Brijeg is 6.000 tons, which means about 11.000 tons on the two presses.

The complete modernization operation was performed by Italian company PRESEZZI EXTRUSION spa.