Feal hosted the Second economic advice conference

On Friday, April the 10th in our Company held a Second economic advice of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Computer Engineering Mostar (FSR Mostar).

It was discussed about the introduction of mandatory professional student training in the teaching process of the FEC Mostar (FSR Mostar) and the improvement of cooperation of the Faculty with the economy in surrounding . Next to the Dean and Professors of the FEC/FSR the meeting was attended by Members of the Board of our Company, Agency Redah and representatives of companies Weltplast Posusje, Grafotisak Grude, Lotric Control Mostar, TEM Mandeks Siroki Brijeg, Alpha Therm Mostar, Sik Mostar, HT Mostar. After discussion we have prepared an official gala dinner and hanging out at the premises of our Company.
More in the video.