Formal commissioning of new plant presses 1400T

Thanks to the extraordinary efforts of companies' management, Feal, the necessary conditions for expanding the capacity of the molding were gained, which resulted in purchase of new presses 1400T.

In cooperation with our longtime partner GIA in Spain we have managed only 6 months to perform preliminary construction work and energy, and install a press force 1400 tons.

Press is equipped with most advanced equipment for manufacturing thin-walled and specialty profile of thickness even below 1mm.

As the raw entry material we use aluminium billets, diametar ф152, which we agreed with our strategic supplier Aluminij Mostar.

The market for products with these presses is largely an area of ​​the EU, it is important to note that the representation of the presses of its type in Europe, is very little. With this investment worth 6 million euros we are completing  product range of our products, which will enable the optimal output at the press facility , and in that way open up opportunities for new employment.