Liquid nitrogen cooling of tools for aluminum extrusion

In partnership with Messer and A.t.i.e Uno Informatica, a project to upgrade three presses in FEAL-in has been completed , installing the cooling system of tools for the extrusion of liquid nitrogen during the molding process.

The system consists of pipelines for delivery of liquid nitrogen in the tool assembly, followed by dosing of liquid nitrogen through the valve Kryo managed software, and ensure optimal process control and exact repeatability of the process.

Using this system, avoiding the overheating of the working surfaces of tools, reducing the defects on the surface profile and enables the acceleration of the molding process.

Positive effects include:

  • Increased Productivity Press
  • better surface appearance pressed profile
  • prolonging the lifetime of the pressing tool

For our goal is to offer our customers maximum quality product from existing alloys, and raise the productivity of molding.