Development and product quality

Apart from developing its own products, FEAL is offering and the engineering to firms that need assistance in developing their own solutions, and constantly investing in new technologies of control products

Development of products

Besides developing our own products, FEAL offers services to develop and design the system, which is closely associated with aluminum. Due to widespread use of Feal branches, and tertiary frame of our engineers, we can offer various services in order to obtain a quality finished product, and FEAL years of experience in working with aluminum.

Quality Control

Quality control we work according to the following criteria:

  • Dimensional control
  • Dimensional control
  • Control of surface protection

Dimensional control

On  measuring device ASCONA, we control the cross-sectional dimension of the profile according to drawing with accuracy of measuring  0.01 mm. Measurement results are shown in the measurement report generated by the device.

Devices for measuring surface roughness, check the surface quality of extruded profiles according to standard DIN 17 615 (Ra ≤ 3 ÷ 9 mm).

Creation of various elements and assemblies, which are produced on the line of machining and assembly line circuits, we control the operating requirements of the drawings.

Control of the mechanical properties of materials

Control the mechanical properties of the profile is done according to standards EN 755-2, which are:

  • Determination of tensile strength (Rm)
  • Determine the limits of flow (R0, 2))
  • Determination of relative extension (A
  • Determination of hardness (HB / 2,5 / 625 / 30)
  • The damping control seals

Control of surface protection can be divided into:

  • Control of anodized / anodized layer
  • control electrostatic painted / coated layer

Control of anodized layer is made by Qualanod standards:

  • Coating thickness) EN ISO 2360
  • Dye spot test EN 12373-4
  • Weight loss test EN 12373-7

Control of coated layer is carried out according to Qualicoat standards:

  • Coating thickness EN ISO 2360
  • Cross cut adhesion test EN ISO 2409
  • Erichsen cupping EN ISO 1520
  • Bucholz indetation hardness EN ISO 2815
  • Mandrel bending test EN ISO 1519
  • Impact test EN ISO 6272
  • Gloss ISO 2813
  • Calculation of colour differences ISO 7724/3
  • Salt spray test ISO 9227
  • Resistance to boiling water ISO 4628 – 2