Professional consulting in the design of facades

Together with our project offices in Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia, we can offer expert consulting in the design of facades, all in compliance with European standards and certification of these products

Together with our partners we develop, plan and implement creative ideas. Continuous dialogue allows us to apply our construction techniques, and provides a high standard of quality. Our willingness to fulfill customer requirements and the capacity in realizing high-tech solutions, makes us a very competent and reliable partners. We are customer oriented and flexible in approach. In addition to technical expertise in developing high-tech facade, or better said, "custom solutions" we enable delivers our own system components and complete solutions.

Our offer includes aluminum profiles for construction, ranging from simple to complex, large windows and facade elements for high-rise buildings with thermal break.

Own consulting, we are able to examine and attest, with the objective of complete and correct advice according to your query.