Machining is done through the final formation of PTM profile and treatment of intermediate and final product according to technical requirements of clients, all while respecting the highest standards of quality.

Production PTM profile

The line connecting the PTM profile of the total installed capacity of 8000 tonnes/year. That line is equipped with modern CNC machines, which enable the connection profile of the largest cross-section 410x360 mm. On this line it is possible to connect the profile of the raw and colored state, which enables the connection of two- coloured profile. Furthermore, it is possible to connect a variety of materials such as combinations of aluminum-PVC-wood.


Production cycle connecting PTM Summary

This procedure can be divided into four phases::

  1. Notching of the grooves
  2. Insertion of poliamide drips
  3. Process of joining profiles
  4. Quality control of joint profiles

Quality control involves controlling the profile of the combined geometry and profile control mechanical  maximum force between the profiles. Recommended value of  mechanical force  is  400-500  [N/cm]. Standard polyamide strips are stable at high temperatures, allowing for subsequent coating profile.

Machining of aluminum profiles

Thanks to many years of experience and an advanced technology FEAL is able to offer its customers, the service and the most demanding machining aluminum structures, ranging from small pieces to be used as connecting elements locksmith-facade structure, until the very complex aluminum structures of various shapes and lengths up to 15 m.

Services for sawing a  profile section to 480 mm, and further processing on automated fiveaxial CNC machines.

We are able on bending arches, flex profile in its raw state, the minimum bending diameter mm R380 with more folding points, and then painted and anodised them. Prepared in this way supplied the arches are regularly shaped and without mechanical damage. The total installed capacity of the line of machining the 6000 t/yr.

Using top quality machines from renowned manufacturers, as well as ongoing review of the technological process of machining a guarantee of successful business.


Saw Elumatec DG 244

Automatic two-headed saw with high cutting capacity and possibility of automatic positioning of cutting angle from 22.5° to 140°. With The series of automatic saws Elumatec we are able to process the profile dimensions: [345-7000 mm ± 0.2 mm].

CNC saw MIRAGE 600

AMIRAGE 600 is electropneumatic machine for sawing (90°). High capacity and speed of cutting with purpose for sawing of positions length: [5-1500 mm ± 0.1mm].

Machining centers

SBZ 122

SBZ122 is a triaxial  CNC machine for processing of aluminium bar  profiles lengths up to 4 [m]. machine is fully automated and supports CAD / CAM data exchange.

Technological features:

  • processing of ( bar) profiles in five axis/ 5 axis
  • kind of processing: milling, drilling, cutting
  • automatic changes of tools
  • length measuring of processed pieces
  • security systems

SBZ 150 – 151

SBZ 150-151 are fiveaxial CNC devices for processing of aluminium bar profiles up to 30 [m]. The machines are fully automated and supported by CAD / CAM data exchange.

Basic features:

  • processing of (bar) profiles in 6 axis
  • kind of processing: milling, drilling, cutting, threading
  • automatic changes of tools
  • treated pieces lenght measuring
  • security systems

Bending arcs


Machine for bending Al-profile in a plane whose nominal capacity of 12T. We are able to bend arches of  minimum bending diameter of Ø 380 [mm] with a maximum of 5 folding points. The ingoing parameters are  dimensions of profile sections, tool diameter, radius and bending angle.

Machine automatically corrects arc due to differences in elasticity of particular materials. Next to the above mentioned, we own suitable machine devices and qualified staff so that in every moment we can provide our customers all kind of aspects from projecting to the final processing of the most demanding positions of  aluminum systems.



High performance hydraulic 4-axes CNC device for bending of profiles in combination with advanced numerical-control unit CNW333 that enables bending of the most complex positions with one to the max 36 transitional  radius on one profile.