Product certification

FEAL in its range of services offers and testing and issuing certificates in accordance with the certification company ift Rosenheim. The way our test can be are: computer simulation conditions, or specific simulations in our own test center.

FEAL has successfully completed negotiations and signed the contract about  certification of FEAL-s laboratory (test center) by IFT Rosenheim. The main purpose of the laboratory for validation of product quality is  control of existing products as well as controls when developing new products. Laboratory has equipment that can perform testing of products (windows, doors and facades) to:

  • Joint permeability according to EN 12207/1026,ASTM 283-04 and according to 12153/12152
  • Watertightness according to EN 12208/1027, ASTM 331-00 and according to 12155/12154 and
  • Loads to Wind Gust EN 12210/12211, ASTM 330-02 and 12179/13116.

Test results can be used for informational purposes and to obtain documents attesting (certification by an independent institute in Germany ift-Rosenheim obtain this option) that can be used when issuing the CE mark for the export of goods into the EU.

Heat Calculations

After the training in Germany in the ift-Rosenheim and after passing the exam heat budget FEAL has obtained a certificate which is authorized to conduct heat budgets (UF) according to EN 10077-2.

The same calculations can be used when filling out the conditions for issuance of the CE-mark when exporting goods to EU member states. The certificate is valid for three years and includes periodic testing of knowledge of people a year are ahead of FEAL concerning the budget. To maintain a high level of knowledge in terms of thermal budget during the year to organize educational seminars in the ift-Rosenheim-in.


WinIso2D is a program used to simulate the thermal conductivity of the materials (typical cross section profile of the assembly). Calculations are based on the FEM-based method (the finite elements method) that allows a higher precision in the budget.

The result of analytical calculation of thermal conductivity of materials is largely similar to laboratory experiments, where the practice is necessary to prepare the sample window and then examine it.

As a final result of the analytical calculation are obtained through the heat transfer coefficient characteristic sections Uf and line losses Ψ psi. At the exit is possible to get the heat diagram that contains a complete picture of temperature streamline where possible to see where the greatest losses occurring heat.

Using the program is of great importance when creating the new series in which they can maximally improve the performance of new series in terms of thermal insulation.

The program is also used for the certified budgets Uf coefficients with the gain at the output document certified

by the Institute ift-Rosenheim that they can be used to meet part of requirements for the issuance of the CE-mark when exporting goods to EU member states. In  that way we give  the buyer the opportunity to on the basis of input data (dwg drawings and descriptions of materials used in a typical cross-section) gets certified Uf budget for a very short time (up to a week).