Line for surface treatment

On the surface protection line we protect aluminum profiles, sheets and other parts made of aluminium with anodizing and electrostatic painting


In our product range we offer anodization in natural color, in bronze, from bright to completely black and anosidation in gold color. thickness of anodized layer is standard from 18-22 microns, and by special request we also do anodized layer of other thickness.

Electrostatic painting / Powder coating

Electrostatic painting is done in several phases. Before the electrostatic powder coating is done pretratment a profile, creating a conversion layer, which allows good adhesion of powder and resistance and color stability.

After pretreatment and drying of the profile, the procedure applied by electrostatic powder, and then going to roast in the oven for curing products are delivered in color according to customer.


Plant for decoration with sublimation technology

Installing facilities for sublimation, we got unlimited decorations surface profile.

Process decorations profile is in two phases:

  • The first phase of the electrostatic powder coating and baking in the oven for curing
  • The second phase of the sublimation process, i.e transmission of color with decorative foil to the previously coated profile.

With Line of decorative aluminum profiles we obtained the possibility of protection and decoration of aluminum profiles in imitation of wood, stone, etc. We practically unlimited possibilities of design areas