Plant for decoration of Aluminium profiles, sheets and accessories

In April 2009 the Plant for Al - profiles, sheets and accessories started with work

Phases of the process are:

  • Electrostatic Powder coating
  • Wrapping Al - profiles (sheets or accessories)
  • Vacuum pump  drains the air out from the tube forcing the film to adapt perfectly to the profiles surfaces
  • Baking  in the oven or process of sublimation
  • Cooling and removing of the film

At the beginning Al - profiles, sheets or accessories should be painted with Polyurethane powder coatings through electrostatic deposition. The powder then melts during baking in oven. While baking, the powder particle fuse and create a cross - linking chemical reaction - polymerization i.e. creating a basic layer for further process of decorations.

The procedure of decoration conducts via process of the sublimation, using a special film with a different pattern (various hades for wood effect). Proces of sublimation is based on the principle that sublimation color, which is printed on the transmission film, under high temperature in the gaseous state exceeds the basic Al - material and color (pattern) is absorbed in the structure of the electrostatic obtained layer, where it is possible to obtain the desired effect.