Quality and environmental protection policy

Services and products of FEAL d.o.o. (Ltd.) must meet requirements, needs and expectations of Customers, as well as requirements of environmental protection, and with this we achieve and increase Customers' satisfaction and the proportion of our goods on the market.

With this purpose, we have established a System of quality management and environmental protection and all in accordance with needs and expectations of  our Customers. We have established a System in a way that we as employees of the Company, understand the demands that our Company has to meet in order to implement and perform our products and services on Customers satisfaction, and as well meet the best interest of the Owner of the Company, meaning the interests of the wider community.



By applying the principles of Quality management system according to ISO 9001:2008, standards and norms of IRIS, and Environmental protection management system in accordance with ISO 14001, we achieve efficiency of business, continuous improvement of all work processes respecting the principles step by step.

Continuously developing the production technology and empowering employees to produce complex aluminium structures for trains, we have determined the need for introducing the norms and appliance of relevant standards of railway vehicles.
For this reason, we began to introduce management system in accordance with the standards of IRIS.

In order to make it work, we permanently set the new goals for each organizational unit.

Objectives of FEAL d.o.o.(Ltd.) system are continual increase of profit of the Company, constant monitoring of the processes and products in order to protect the environment, continual increase of  satisfaction of our Customers, the development of the Company, increase of the Company's reputation, satisfaction, motivation and pride of employees and economic development of the entire region.
These goals are the base of all plans of the Company.


Management of FEAL d.o.o. (Ltd.) implements the monitoring of effective functioning of the quality system and environmental protection system through planned internal audits, which serves to the Management as a base  for assessment of system.

Unreserved support of the Management toward permanent improvements is a safe way for maintenance of competitiveness and success of the Company



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Made by:


Management of  FEAL

Date :


06. 12. 2011.

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Tonco Barbaric

Management President