The technical lecturing: Design and application of aluminium glass curtain walling

On Thursday, the 15th November, in organization of Company FEAL Croatia Ltd. in County Chamber of City of Osijek at 11 hours a technical lecturing will be held on subject : design and application of aluminium glass curtain walling for representatives of construction companies, architects and contractors from Osijek and Baranja County.

Representatives of the Company FEAL Croatia Ltd. Mr. Zvonko Vinovrski, Chief designer for the application and development of aluminium systems and Mr Tomislav Sladic, B.Sc.Mech.Eng./ Designer of al. systems, will hold a lecturing in which they will explain in details more about curtain walling, which materials are used and what kind of surface treatment, structural and physical properties, a division of curtain walling to the shape and purpose, ventilated curtain wall, more about the production and incorporation, transportation and installation, errors or faults in performance, cleaning of these types of facades, laboratory tests (air permeability, water tightness, resistance to wind, heat transfer testing), examples from the practice.

Participation in the technical lecturing will be scored with 2 points in accordance with the Provisions of the Rules of Professional Examination and on updating and improving the knowledge of people who perform the tasks of Physical Planning and Construction (Official Gazette No. 24/08, 141/09).