Vice-President of the Parliament of Montenegro Mr. Branko Radulovic visited FEAL

During the meeting it was concluded that complete aluminium industry in the region in a certain way has to be coordinated.

The Vice-President of the Parliament -Mr. Branko Radulovic visited today the headquarters of  company "Feal" in Siroki Brijeg. "Feal" is one of the most prestigious companies in  processing of aluminium in Europe, and for  the achieved business results in Europe for the 2012. , a German Chamber of Commerce awarded its owner - Mr. Jozo Bogdan -as the most successful entrepreneur.

It was emphasized that this company deals with production of finished products for construction and industry, rail transportation, airline industry, solar systems, shipbuilding based on processing of aluminium through pressing and other technologies. The annual production is around 25.000 tons of finished products, and with the completion of investments at the end of this year it will reach production of 50.000 tons of finished product. "Feal" cooperates with leading companies in Europe and Asia and in the next four years has concluded business agreements for implementation of  full production. As well company entered into production of electricity from wind turbines, while the ongoing is the investment in Wind Park of  36 MW power.

During the meeting it was concluded that demand for semi-finished products on aluminium base for pressing process is extremely high,  their price is higher with regard to LME, bonus is $ 500 per tons in regard to LME and  the price of the finished product goes up to 10 times higher in regard to semi- finished product. The problem of lack of semi-finished product in the region makes more expensive and hinders the overall production process, so that the raw materials, which are purchased from Saudi Arabia are more expensive up to 10 percent compared to those that would be purchased from the region and from aluminium plant KAP (Aluminijski Kombinat - KAP) in Podgorica. Because of that it is emphasized that KAP  is required as part of the overall processing of aluminium in the region, where it is necessary to replace the production of ingots with semi-finished products, where one of the major product would be homogenised billet.

In order to achieve competitive production of KAP, "Feal" will be one of the major buyers of homogenised billets and other assortment.
"Feal" has participated in  construction of many prestigious buildings, shopping centers, office buildings, airports in Europe and Asia. In Montenegro Feal participated in  construction of building of the Government of Montenegro, TQ Plaza in Budva, TC "Nikic" and a number of others.

It's concluded that the total aluminium industry in the region in a certain  way has to align, which currently isn't a case. Also, it's stated that for each company has a space for work and development, whether it is engaged in  production of alumina, primary aluminium or processing.


Speakers  emphasized that current needs – are more than 200.000 tons of finished products of aluminium per year, and what is already invested in the processing and finished products will for some years reach the value up to 300.000 tons. Therein, it was agreed that the Vice-President Radulovic, Owner of the company Jozo Bogdan and Board Member Ante Musa initiate establishing of a regional association for  production and processing of aluminium.